The Experience...

What to expect from International Stars

From the very start, International Stars do our very best

to take the stress away from competing by having a fully automated online entry system.  Just create an account, enter your dancers, and dance names and upload your music.  All your details are then stored for further competitions and heats.

All competitions are held in full size professional theatres, ensuring a first class experience for all involved.

Our Competition days are on Sundays and usually start anywhere from 8.30am to 9.30am and finish at around 8pm  We pride ourselves on timekeeping and very rarely over run.

Judges Critiques are recorded alongside the video of each dance which is available for the dance teacher to download free after the event!

We also use the unusual approach of mixing up our running order, to have more of a show feel.  This is to allows each dance to be judged on individual merit rather than being compared to the exact same age group/genre as the one before, and also to ensure a more varied programme for the day, making it more enjoyable to watch for both students and parents!!

Judging is marked out of 30 for Technique, 30 for Presentation and 30 for Choreography. We have 3 independent judges and an independent scorer at every competition.

All entries receiving a 1st 2nd or 3rd in each category will receive a trophy and a Golden Ticket through to our Grand London Finals!!

We also have trophies for some special awards throughout the day.  A Shining Star award for a Primary, Junior and Senior who have stood out to the judges over the day.  We also have additional trophies for the top 3 scoring dances overall, and a trophy for the best Choreography, which gets presented to the choreographer.

We also hold our ever popular "Killer Round" which is available to enter on the day at an additional cost of £5.00.

For this, students will learn a short routine taught by one of our judges and then perform as if in a audition scenario, with the winner receiving a trophy.  It is such good fun and gets everyone on their feet!

Trophies and Golden tickets through to the London Finals are available for all dances placing 1st-3rd in all categories.

Scholarships, trophies and special awards are given out throughout the year.  In the past these have included scholarships to Urdang, London Studio Centre, Performers College, Dance Sparks as well as vouchers for Prima Dancewear, Pats Ballet Skirts, Dancers Box and many others.

After the event, dance teachers will be able to log in to their online account to see full results, scores and videos of their dances with the judges comments recorded over the top.

International Stars truly is a day to remember!

  • Full size professional theatres

  • Great Trophies

  • Recorded Judges Critique

  • Free video downloads

  • Online Entry

  • Online schedules

  • Run to time

  • Great Organisation

  • Show like running orders

  • Killer Round

  • Scholarships

  • Golden Tickets through to the London Finals

  • Vouchers for dance schools

  • Friendly, encouraging, supportive atmosphere

Further Information

International Stars is a dance competition aimed at 5-18 year olds not yet in professional training.  The competition is intended to be a fun day for dancers and schools to showcase their talents, however it is still a competition so please ensure that you enter into the correct age groups and take note of the time limits for each category to avoid your routine being cut short on the day. Please note, we receive a lot of interest in our competitions so we have had to limit the amount of entries to ensure that they day is still enjoyable for all.  Please get your entries to us ASAP to secure your space.

Age Categories

Primary Stars age 5-9
Junior Stars age 10-13 
Senior Stars age 14-18

For Team entries please use your average age
(ages of each student divided by the amount of students in the team)


Section Categories




Commercial/ Hip Hop



Entry Prices

Solo - £20.00​

Duet - £10.00 per dancer

Trio - £8.50 per dancer

Team - £7.00 per dancer

Time Limits

Solo - 2.30 mins

Duets and trios - 3 mins

Teams - 4 min



Judges decisions are final on the day of the competition
Any Entrants found to be in the incorrect age group will be disqualified
All Dance schools must provide their own insurance to cover their students whilst at the venue
Venues, dates and Judges may be amended at any time – giving not less than 1 weeks notice
Entries will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee up until 6 weeks before the competition date. After this there will be no refund for cancellations
Costumes & music are the responsibility of the dance school, no responsibility will be accepted to loss or damage
All choreography should be rehearsed and deemed safe by the dance school
Dangerous props are strictly prohibited
Music should not include any explicit lyrics or feature any explicit dance moves
All schools are required to provide music via mp3 file and bring back up CD’s on the day of the competition
Any Entry exceeding the allowed time limits will be stopped and only judged on the allowable time.
Any abuse towards International Stars staff will not be tolerated and will result in removal from the event and disqualification for all future events
All entrants under the age of 16 must be chaperoned by an appropriate adult to be provided by the relevant school and where relevant BOPA Information will be provided.
By entering the competition al contestants grant their permission to International Stars and their associates to use their photographs and/or videos in connection with advertising, TV, website, news coverage and social media marketing.
The use of video and recording equipment is strictly prohibited in the auditorium
All costumes should cover intimate parts of the body (buttocks, bust and pubic areas) Bikini tops and bras are prohibited in all age groups.

By entering online you automatically agree to these rules.

Category Descriptions

Ballet – Classical ballet or

Lyrical/Contemporary -  interpretative lyrical jazz and contemporary styles

Modern/Jazz – Faster up tempo and interpretative modern moves with inverted lines and sharp movements

Street/Commercial – Hard edged street or commercial dance or variations of this including hip hop, breakdance etc.

Tap - Standard or Modern tap dance

Open - May include Acro, Song & Dance, National, Irish Dance - please note no microphones are available at any venue.

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